Facial Contouring and Brow Lift

Facial contouring is a method that specifically uses dermal fillers designed for the deeper layers of the skin to enhance – and ‘contour’ – small areas of the face.

By injecting small amounts of product at various points, profile imperfections can be disguised and the face can be made more symmetrical and enhanced.

Particular focus areas for facial contouring tend to be the cheekbones and around the chin.

By using Botox, a more ‘lifted’ look can also be achieved to enhance the jaw-line and eyebrows that may have started to droop.

What to expect during treatment

Depending on the areas focused on, Dr Dodd will inject in several places around the face to achieve the desired result. As with any injection, you may experience mild discomfort as the needle pierces the skin, but this will be transient.

Is it right for me?

As with any treatment, Dr Dodd will be able to advise whether this procedure will deliver the results you’re looking for. At your consultation, you’ll also be able to ask any additional questions you may have – don’t hold back, you should feel comfortable about the procedure and fully informed.

What happens afterwards?

Generally, there is little to no down time required with this procedure. You may experience slight swelling, bruising or discomfort around the treated areas, but this will disappear quickly. Dr Dodd will be able to advise you about the recommended aftercare.

Treatment at-a-glance

  • Enhance and contour areas of the face
  • Dermal fillers used to ‘contour’
  • Botox injections administered to ‘lift’ certain areas
  • Little to no downtime